Travel Potty

Travel potties are an ideal way to keep up the potty training taking place at home when you are out and about. Available in a range of colours and designs to engage and entice your child’s toileting progression.

If you use the same potty at home as on your travels it helps your child associate that particular potty with going to the toilet and saves on the expense of purchasing two.  By taking the potty out with you, your child will learn to understand that all poos and wees need to be done in the potty every time they need to go!

travel potty

It can take a while for your little one to get the hang of toilet training, the NHS recommend taking it slowly and go at your child’s pace when potty training. By the age of one most babies stop pooing during the night and by age two some children will be dry during the day. By age 4 most children are reliably dry during the day.

A travel potty can resemble a full size toilet with flip up seat and can come with features that include a flushing toilet sound and space for tissues and wet wipes. Other travel potty options are environmentally friendly and disposable.

There are a wide range of potty training books that can help support and accompany the potty training process in a fun and easy to understand way.

There are a number of basic safety points to follow when using a travel potty. Avoid using a travel potty with a broken seat, make sure you clean the potty regularly and don’t purchase second hand travel potty seats unless you are sure they have been well maintained.